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SPOC statement on COVID-19

16 marca 2020 /

Autorzy: Agnieszka Milecka - Marketing Manager

Dear Customers,

please find our statement regarding the global COVID-19 outbreak.

Since the outbreak, SPOC has been closely monitoring the latest updates and information about the epidemic. In particular we consider different scenarios that can be imposed on entrepreneurs by the Polish Government, and respective WHO regulations. Over the past days we have taken a number of measures to maintain full efficiency in operation, high quality of the services, and permanent support for our customers. According to our Security Policy and internal operating regulations, we have applied the following solutions:
<li>fully remote model was introduced without the need to work in the company’s offices – the model was preceded by the positive result of systems continuity test,</li>
<li>our employees work remotely without any impact on continuity of work,</li>
<li>project related services are delivered remotely from 5 cities,</li>
<li>technical support teams operate from 2 cities, and are prepared to replace each other if needed.</li>
We want to assure you that in this difficult period we operate with full responsibility and maintain a constant and the highest standard of our services.

SPOC permanently monitors the situation related to the COVID-19 outbreak. We strive to respond dynamically and proportionally to the situation and new circumstances. We encourage you to stay in touch with your account managers.

Kind regards,
Marcin Tyburski

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